Christian Wedding Entertainment: Choosing a Band

  • Christian Wedding Entertainment: Choosing a Band

Christian Wedding Entertainment: Choosing a Band

When planning a wedding, one of the most important decisions is in choosing the band. A good music group can truly make a difference in the ambiance of the party. Their skill and expertise can help to get everyone on their feet and dancing. Of course, it is important to take the guests’ preferences into consideration to ensure that they all have a good time. For example, a party band covering Top 40 hits would likely not go over well with a mostly senior crowd, just as a sedate soft jazz band might seem dull to a very young crowd. Of course, most weddings encompass a large range of ages and preferences within the guests, so choosing the right music group can get a little tricky. In this article, we’ll take a look at the different options available to determine which bands work best in different wedding scenarios.

Wedding Bands

Choosing a wedding band is usually the safest option for most standard weddings. These groups know all of the popular tunes that are typically requested for weddings, from church hymns to reception dance songs. They can usually also help the bride and groom choose an appropriate list of music by recommending songs. The advantage of having a wedding band is that they can play in the church as well as at the reception with equal ease. Wedding bands can come in a number of different options. For example, some people simply choose a piano or violin soloist, while others may choose a trio or quartet.

Party Bands

Party bands are not exclusive to weddings, but they do play at general events as well. They are great for bringing a loud, lively atmosphere to a wedding reception. Unlike cover bands, many party bands also tend to play original songs. Some party bands may also include a DJ, depending on their genre. Before hiring a party band, do research them thoroughly. Take the time to listen to their music and determine whether it would be appropriate for the wedding reception. It helps to look at videos of their live performances. Alternatively, chat with a few of their previous clients to get a feel for what the band is like during a live performance. Look for a party band that knows their repertoire well and can easily interact with the audience.

Cover Bands

Cover bands are a great option for weddings that have guests with a wide range of musical preferences. These bands are usually well versed in all of the popular rock and pop hits, both past and present. Weddings that have both old and young guests usually benefit from hiring a party band, since the musicians can play songs that guests of all ages enjoy. One idea is to ask them to play oldies hits first since many of the older guests tend to leave earlier in the evening. Keep the louder, more raucous tunes for the wee hours of the morning when the young adults are raring to dance.

Jazz and Swing Bands

A good jazz or swing band is another safe option that is guaranteed to keep guests of all ages happy. A jazz band is low-key enough that they can also be asked to play in the church during the wedding ceremony. Since jazz and swing are such timeless genres of music, these types of bands are a good bet for anything from solemn hymns to background instrumental music to upbeat dance numbers. Keep in mind too that several jazz musicians can perform jazz covers of popular music. Always ask about this in advance if the musicians do not mention it up front. Some jazz bands may also perform original numbers. It is usually up to the bride and groom to make song requests of the band in advance and determine what music will be played at certain times. Another option is to decide whether to hire a jazz band with a singer or a band with only musicians. A singer is often worth the added expense since they can make the party much more lively.