Traditional and Modern Wedding Anniversary Gift List

  • Traditional and Modern Wedding Anniversary Gift List

Traditional and Modern Wedding Anniversary Gift List

Wedding anniversary gifts have been exchanged between couples since the Middle Ages and continues to be a popular tradition practiced today. Wedding anniversary gifts celebrate a couple’s devotion to one another in the time they’ve been together. Many believe anniversary gifts bring good luck for the future.

Wedding anniversary gifts start off simpler in form during the initial years of marriage. They get more complicated and increase in value as time progresses. The increase in value is intentional, meant to symbolize the increased investment that each partner has put into the relationship.

Standardized lists for both traditional and modern gifts have been developed to provide gift-giving guidelines for couples when celebrating their anniversaries. Depending on the customs, beliefs, and traditions that different countries across the globe follow, these lists may vary. Traditional wedding anniversary gift lists have been modified throughout history; eventually these modifications resulted in the creation of a new list to reflect modern times. To help you determine which anniversary gift is perfect to buy, here are lists that include both traditional wedding anniversary gifts and modern wedding anniversary gifts. Refer to the lists so that you know which type of gift to look for as another anniversary date approaches.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts:

First Anniversary – Paper

Second Anniversary – Cotton

Third Anniversary – Leather

Fourth Anniversary – Fruit or Flowers

Fifth Anniversary – Wood

Sixth Anniversary – Candy or Iron

Seventh Anniversary – Wool or Copper

Eighth Anniversary – Bronze or Pottery

Ninth Anniversary – Pottery or Willow

Tenth Anniversary – Tin or Aluminum

Eleventh Anniversary – Steel

Twelfth Anniversary – Silk or Linen

Thirteenth Anniversary – Lace

Fourteenth Anniversary – Ivory

Fifteenth Anniversary –Crystal

Twentieth Anniversary –China

Twenty-fifth Anniversary – Silver

Thirtieth Anniversary –Pearl

Thirty-fifth Anniversary – Coral

Fortieth Anniversary – Ruby

Forty-fifth Anniversary – Sapphire

Fiftieth Anniversary – Gold

Fifty-fifth Anniversary – Emerald

Sixtieth Anniversary – Diamond

Sixty-fifth Anniversary – Blue Sapphire

Seventieth Anniversary – Platinum

Seventy-fifth Anniversary – Diamond

Modern Wedding Anniversary Gifts:

First Anniversary – Clocks

Second Anniversary –China

Third Anniversary – Crystal or Glass

Fourth Anniversary – Appliances

Fifth Anniversary – Silverware

Sixth Anniversary – Wood

Seventh Anniversary – Desk Sets

Eighth Anniversary – Linens or Lace

Ninth Anniversary – Leather

Tenth Anniversary – Diamond Jewelry

Eleventh Anniversary – Fashion Jewelry

Twelfth Anniversary – Pearls

Thirteenth Anniversary – Textiles or Furs

Fourteenth Anniversary – Gold Jewelry

Fifteenth Anniversary – Watches

Sixteenth Anniversary – Silver Holloware

Seventeenth Anniversary – Furniture

Eighteenth Anniversary – Porcelain

Nineteenth Anniversary – Bronze

Twentieth Anniversary – Platinum

Twenty-first Anniversary – Brass or Nickel

Twenty-second Anniversary – Copper

Twenty-third Anniversary – Silver Plate

Twenty-fourth Anniversary – Musical Instruments

Twenty-fifth Anniversary – Silver

Twenty-sixth Anniversary – Original Pictures

Twenty-seventh Anniversary – Sculpture

Twenty-eighth Anniversary – Orchids

Twenty-ninth Anniversary – New Furniture

Thirtieth Anniversary – Diamond

Thirty-first Anniversary – Timepieces

Thirty-second Anniversary – Conveyance

Thirty-third Anniversary – Amethyst

Thirty-fourth Anniversary – Opal

Thirty-fifth Anniversary – Jade

Thirty-sixth Anniversary – Bone China

Thirty-seventh Anniversary – Alabaster

Thirty-eighth Anniversary – Beryl or Tourmaline

Thirty-ninth Anniversary – Lace

Fortieth Anniversary – Ruby

Forty-first Anniversary – Land

Forty-second Anniversary – Improved Real Estate

Forty-third Anniversary – Travel

Forty-fourth Anniversary – Groceries

Forty-fifth Anniversary – Sapphire

Forty-sixth Anniversary – Original Poetry Tribute

Forty-seventh Anniversary – Books

Forty-eighth Anniversary – Optical Goods

Forty-ninth Anniversary – Luxuries

Fiftieth Anniversary – Gold

Fifty-fifth Anniversary – Emerald

Sixtieth Anniversary – Diamond

Seventieth Anniversary – Platinum

Seventy-fifth Anniversary – Diamond

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